Ancestral Homes in Scotland

The list is very long on this one, have to get back to some later. My Scot blood comes mainly from my mothers family. If you want to read about some outrageous and funny (funny to me because I usually had family on both sides) history, you should read some history of the Scot Highlanders. I’ll have to tell you some of the funnier ones sometime.

Battle of Bannockburn, where my mothers great grandfathers were warring against each other

A lot of the Wars in history, my family have had family on both sides.

I hope that family history interests most of you it is important to know from whence you come. Then there is the possibility that the left has so utterly destroyed the family unit in America that people are not interested in their heritage anymore.

“People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.”  –Edmund Burke

“Knowledge of history is the precondition of political intelligence. Without history, a society shares no common memory of where it has been or what its core values are.”

Celtic Bagpipe Music – For the Love of a Princess

Celtic Bagpipe Music – Mull of Kintyre

Inverness Castle North Scotland

Tantallon Castle Scotland

Tantallon Castle Nasm yth Alexander

Tantallon and Bass rock ca 1630

Tantallon Castle ruins Scotland

Tantallon Castle ruins Scotland

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle Argyl Scotand

Inveraray Castle Argyl Scotand

Inveraray Castle Argyl Scotand

Inveraray Castle, Argyl, Scotland

Achnacarry Castle Inverness-shire Scottish Highlands

Loch Arkaig Cameron seat in background i,e, Achnacarry Castle, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Celtic Bagpipe Music – The March of The Cameron Men

Semple Manor house

Loch Winnoch and Castle Semple Loch Mu irshiel

Castle Semple, Loch winter,Scotland

Feddal Castle Braco Perthshire Scotland

There are many more that I will have to get to later.

God bless