Dear and venerable friends! be not offended at me. I inherit your blood, and I bear the name of most of you. I come here to claim affinity with you, and to do homage to your Christian and moral virtues. It is true, my dress indicates that I move in a different sphere from that in which you have passed through life; but I have acquired and received nothing from the world which I prize so highly as the religious principles which I inherited from you, and I possess nothing that I value so much as the Innocence and purity of your characters.” ~ Benjamin Rush

“Our fathers are gone, many of them sleep in unmarked graves, and many of the other graves are becoming unmarked by the ravages of the elements and time.

Statues and monuments may be bought, but a good name, the memory of the just, and the love of children and kindred may be for all, and are without price, outlasting epitaph and heraldry.

Our fathers were worthy of our remembrance and respect, and in preserving their memory, we honor ourselves.

A family genealogy is a most fitting tribute to them, as uniting their children in a common memory and feeling, and equally fitting for the future as a tie of kinship and a memorial of all their scattered children.” ~ ALBERT H. DAVIS

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